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Current Work and Solutions

We care deeply about what we do and ensure we have the resources to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We view our projects as a partnership between us and our customers; their mission is our mission. We focus on certain areas to stand out and guarantee we always deliver
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Program Integrity

Explore Digits supports Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and other partners in program integrity (PI) by leveraging our experience with cutting-edge technology, advanced data analytics and statistics, cloud migrations, and DevSecOps. Explore Digits supports CMS' vision of a well-functioning healthcare system that ensures program integrity and combats fraud, waste, and abuse across CMS programs. Examples of our PI work include:

Comparative Billing Report and Program for Evaluating Payment Patterns Electronic Report Data Analysis (CBR/PEPPER DA)

Working with the CPI Provider Compliance Group (PCG) to evaluate the effectiveness of the CBR and PEPPER Programs – two non-punitive programs aimed at reducing improper payments. The team developed and implemented a sophisticated evaluation framework to assess the impact of these programs on changing provider billing behavior, while also estimating impacts on utilization and health equity. 

Prime Contracts

We provide technical solutions with a heart, which means we are adept using advanced technologies and solutions, but we prioritize understanding the customer, their workflows, and their mission. Our company was created to help the government and private sector clients solve long-standing challenges.

Legacy System Information Technology Maintenance and Modernization (LSITMM)

​Explore Digits is a prime contractor on the Legacy System Information Technology Maintenance and Modernization (LSITMM) contract with CMS. We are working with CMS to operate and maintain existing Medicare legacy systems while we modernize, operate, and maintain new Medicare systems while meeting current and new stakeholder needs.


Explore Digits is committed to improving the US healthcare system, and thereby the health, safety, and quality of life of all those it serves. We are also committed to improving the lives of older adults, through technology, analytics, and empathy-driven solutions.

Smart Policy Assist (SPA)

Smart Policy Assist (SPA) is a cloud-based application that leverages natural language processing so policy makers can more easily and effectively manage the rule-making process. SPA provides insights to policy makers by analyzing public comment and providing machine learning insights into sentiment, themes, and stakeholders. Policy makers have found that SPA is effective and can save upwards of 99% of analyst time compared to traditional manual methods of the rule-making process.

Our team has integrated advancements in Large Language Models (LLM's) to provide users of SPA with a streamlined approach to receive insights from policies and public comment.

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