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Explore Digits 

We specialize in developing AI/ML solutions to address real world problems. We are focused on healthcare and improving the lives of older adults.
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We provide technical solutions with heart, which means we are adept using advanced technologies and solutions, but we prioritize understanding the customer, their workflows, and their mission.  
Ravi Hubbly

Founder, CEO | Explore Digits

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Watch our President Ravi Hubbly talk about Explore Digits' use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to pin down the trend and factors that contribute to a provider’s value of care

At Explore Digits we focus on the needs of your organization and offer innovative, data-driven products to analyze and visualize data. Our core expertise is in data engineering and data science supporting healthcare. We enable customers to make timely and effective data-driven decisions by implementing:

  • Effective data repositories

  • Effective analytics platforms

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools

  • Modernized data systems​

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Data is calling, will you answer?

Explore Digits prioritizes...

Agile Build

Our high-performing agile teams follow sound engineering practices to easily integrate new solutions, processes, and frameworks.

Human-Centered Design

The user is at the center of everything we do. Even though we use state-of-the-art technologies and analytic tools, we ensure that all solutions are in line with the users' needs, context, and workflow.

Data Architecture

​We build the database to support your business needs and missions. We then present the optimal data processes to support your work.

Data Science

We simplify data analytics to support user needs and extract value from data.

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