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What we do

In an era where you hear AI terminology everywhere, we stand out because we continually deliver on the promise of advanced analytics and technologies. We are an organization that is committed to improving the care and outcomes in the healthcare industry through data analytics. We are here to focus on you and your mission.
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Revolutionizing the way AI/ML software is built.

The user is at the center of everything we do. Even though we use state-of-the-art technologies and analytic tools, we ensure that all solutions are in line with the users' needs, context, and workflow.

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AI and Machine Learning

Explore Digits is a leader in AI and ML services, actively designing, deploying, and maintaining these technologies in both the public and private sector, providing significant value to end-users. 

Using readily available models from companies such as Amazon, Meta, Anthropic, and others, Explore Digits has implemented Generative AI capabilities including summarization, theme extraction, knowledge bases, knowledge graphs, and chatbots.

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